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Ed Magedson Arrested....   AGAIN!

Ed Magedson 
Takes Tenant's Piggy Bank;  
Run Out Of Town
as reported by Republican Press Online

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Judge evicts Magedson's tenant!

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Ed Magedson

$ Big Reward $

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Ed Magedson accused 
of  trying to extort $5000.00  from an honest, hard working man

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.......For immediate release.......     According to information obtained from the Florida Department of Corrections, Edward Magedson, FDC offender #865906 and founder of badbusinessbureau.com has been listed as a FUGITIVE......  Click Here to see details......

Consumer Advocate Extraordinaire

Mr. Edward Magedson, Circa 12/74
Founder, Badbusinessbureau.com, RipOffReport.com, travelripoffreport.com

.............. EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It ............ badbusinessbureau.com ordered to pay 10 Million Dollars!.... Click Here For Details.......

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Personal Beliefs

Treat others as you would want them to treat you. ..I have always had a "live and let live" philosophy in dealing with people: tolerant and accepting of people whose culture, background or upbringing was different from my own. We are a melting pot in this country, and I always had a strong distaste for bigoted or derogatory remarks about other people based only on race, national origin, religion or even sexual orientation. Adherence to the Golden Rule and treating others fairly and squarely is a code of conduct that I practice in all business and personal endeavors. It's also common sense, because I believe narrow minded people often cut themselves off from their own potential for success.

Ed Magedson                           

Good Business or Bad Business?

Marijuana possession & paraphernalia, March 15, 1973 (see doc, click here)
Check fraud, November, 1974 (see doc, click here)
Assault & Battery, 1975 (see doc, click here)
Default Judgment! $30,041.21, April 25, 1995 (see doc, click here)

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